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It’s annoying to run out of power when you need it the most!

William Blofeld

MojiPower is a cool charger for your phone. Smartphones have become an essential part of our life. When your mobile is not on, you feel like you have lost your connection to the world. Mojipower offers a set of cute and funny external batteries of all tastes.


Mojipower - Kissing wink_PHONE1.jpg

Just pick your favourite!



Kisses from Blender Agency Kids!


William Blofeld

Lisa Carrol, a designer and new mommy, dreamed of creating a brand that would offer only the softest cotton fabrics painted with dreamy prints. She never imagined she would build a go-to brand for mommies all over the world. LIVLY was founded in 2011, after her twin girls, Liv and Lilly, were born premature.

The LIVLY studio is in a constant creativity bubble where color palette, fabrics and patterns float around to create the next collection to dress the tiniest humans. 

Their journey to producing the highest quality in baby clothing started with a recommendation from a pediatrician. After desperately exhausting every option to cure little ones skin from eczema and other rashes, they set off to the land that are known of producing the softest cotton known to man: Peru. Here, they ventured the cotton fields and Peruvian markets and was able to experience first-hand how pure 100% pima cotton was handled: hand-picked, knitted and dyed.

As humans, our skin is made up of two layers – the bottom layer is called the dermis, and the top layer is called the epidermis. Your baby’s epidermis is thin and not fully developed, making their skin prone to common infant skin conditions. For this reason, not only are the lotions and soaps you expose to your little one’s skin important but also the clothing being put on top of their skin. This was the case for the momma and designer, Lisa Carrol, and her beloved premature twin daughters, Liv and Lilly.

Kisses from Blender Agency Kids


Les Coyotes de Paris a ready-to-wear collection is a subtle mix of story layering.

William Blofeld

Les Coyotes de Paris is an Amsterdam based design studio with
an international approach to fashion.


A concept that arose from a personal journey in August 2015
when the brand started a luxurious classic collection for girls aged
between 8-18 yrs old. After two seasons the women’s line followed. 

Through Founder and Creative Director Marieke Meulendijks interest in photography, contemporary art, architecture and people; a story began by creating purely on emotion...

With an emphasis on tailoring and an eclectic use of materials and custom-developed fabrics. 
Reinvented iconic & classic shapes, twisted into modern silhouettes. 

A wardrobe full of strong pieces, cut in an edgy style. 

Les Coyotes de Paris is for the contemporary women who invest
in a beautiful and timeless wardrobe, pieces that highlight her strong personality. 

Les Coyotes de Paris is housed within a historic building at Elandstraat 44 in the heart of Amsterdam centre. 



Kisses from Blender Agency Kids!


William Blofeld


LIEWOOD creates irresistible products for the modern family. From organic textile products through soft and warm knitwear to our collection of stoneware in beautiful shapes and delicate colors. All together the products create a unique, pure and simple universe - and they are all a result of our 360-degree understanding of the overall design process. 

LIEWOODS ambition is simple: to advocate slow living - creating products that will last for generations. LIEWOOD is based in Copenhagen and their universe is deeply rooted in the Nordic design tradition.

Their textile products are made in India at a GOTS (global organic textile Standard) certified supplier. We use the best possible materials, which have passed strict demands and quality control – and we personally follow each collection from drawing table to store shelf.


LIEWOOD was founded in the summer of 2015 by Anne Marie Lie Nielsen and Anja Skov. The name LIEWOOD is a merge of the founder’s two last names - Skov being the Danish word for wood. Today the company is owned by Anne Marie and Anne Charlotte Hovard Lembye.  Anne Marie has 13 years of experience in the fashion industry with design, sourcing and production for international retail brands. Anne Charlotte has worked in the international shipping industry for 11 years and spent the last 8 years heading up her own company within sourcing and production for the fashion industry.




Kisses from Blender Agency Kids

Little Remix Fall | Winter 2017 “Wolf Pack”.

William Blofeld


Follow Little Remix into the deep forests as the FW 2017 collection

explores the wild nature of the cold North. The collection is created

upon the idea of the young fashionista who explores the world as her

playground. She wanders in the urban jungle liberated by likeminded –

her wolf pack.



This season is all about nurturing the social bonds that are so strong
that it allows you to express your individuality in an early age.

Charlotte Eskildsen explains:
“I found inspiration in girls of today who do not wish fight each other but
to empower one another in order to make their dreams come true when
they grow up. The wolf pack is a perfect example of a set social structure
that is so powerful that it creates perfect harmony and leaves space for
everybody to grow. Something I find young girls of today should take
more advantage of”

“ She is strong, courageous, powerful, and independent. She nurtures
her playful, wild side and has no desire to be tamed”